What’s next after Crypto?

By Alyanna Therese Tagamolila


The world of cryptocurrency and play-to-earn games have taken the world by storm in the past year. As is often considered the easier and modern way of investing and optimizing your savings, earning passive income and gaining huge profits, cryptocurrency or crypto and games that have incorporated it into their gameplay have allowed people of all ages to earn significant sums of money. With the pandemic’s severe economic effect on Filipino households, this avenue to earn could not have come at a more perfect time!

While Crypto and play to earn games are consistently getting traction and helping everyone for the time being, like all investments, it begs the question: What comes next?

What comes next when you’ve reached the return of your investment?

Like every investment you put money into – the only way to assess the success of your investment and whether you’ve made a good choice if you achieve your return of investment (ROI) at a quick and steady pace. Once you achieve ROI, all the money coming is now profit. Now, while earning money from Cryptocurrency and games is an amazing way to earn money, there is no guarantee of its stability, the payoff and the way it is designed is that it is a high risk high reward gamble, a gamble you can ultimately use to build your own stability as you continue risking high and enjoying the rewards!

After ROI, here are a few things you can do as you continue your cryptocurrency transactions and play to earn gaming that is a foolproof way to make sure you gain several streams of income:


Use excess earnings to fund and start your own business

With you having achieved a return of investment already, the next thing to do is to make sure you continuously earn profit whatever the trend of your crypto activities may be. To ensure constant profit, starting a business with a stable business model and proper research is just the right step. 


Doubts About Cryptocurrency’s Stability

Starting a business at the prime of your crypto earning capacity allows you to consult with professionals and make sound decisions on business decisions and, with proper funding, allows you to fast track operations and maximize your future business’ earning capacity as well. With two streams of income at maximum earning capacity, you’ll have the economic freedom you’ve always desired without having to work in a corporate setting.


Benefits of Starting A Business While Earning from Crypto?

While a stable traditional mindset would argue that it is best to take all profit out of your crypto activity and leave just your seed money, the best way to go about this would be to keep a portion of profit in crypto and classify it as an asset while also gaining other assets.


Other Revenue Generating Options

Other assets can be business to invest in, procuring assets that allow for passive income, investing on high-inflation products and services like land property and activities that focus on the exponential growth of funds like stock trading. While it takes tons of research to know how to go about acquiring other assets while you continuously focus on your crypto activity, RBMC is here to help identify the most beneficial track to take to secure your assets and increase your earning capacity. With this strategy, your funds and your choices would passively be making more money for you as you sit back, relax and reap the rewards.

What’s great about technological information is that it has given the common man a number of additional means to make a living – from online jobs, crypto activities, play to earn games, stocks and monetizing online content, more and more people are learning skills outside of what we are taught in a classroom setting to make a quick buck, tons of bucks actually. RBMC applauds the perseverance of these individuals to think outside the box and break from conservative norm and traditional ideas of what income-generation jobs should be like. We want to ensure that the success you started continues and supports you for the rest of your life. Learn how to stabilize and sustain your success now with us!


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