The 3 Things You’re doing wrong with your Business’ Marketing and how to avoid it!

Establish your brand’s identity with strategies that will pave the way for market permanence, customer loyalty and performance optimization

A product or service’s value will always rely on the market: the people who consume and the social trends that encourages consumption. With this, businesses must learn to study market trends and consumer behavior to continually develop their brand’s presence and products – this part of establishing a business can sometimes be tricky which is why most start-ups don’t make it past their first year. Which is why we’re here to help you market effectively!

The 3 Common Mistakes in Marketing

We all know that a good idea needs execution for it to become a reality. However, a well-though of execution wherein everything social and economic about putting out a product or service is analyzed and planned for sustains your idea, effectively turning it into a business. Now, what mistakes do businesses often make that result to unsustainable marketing strategies and low sales?

1. Hopping on the current trend without considering research and development to stay relevant.


Yes, following the current trend basically assures you instant success as trends spike up demand and give you a steady stream of customers. But what happens when the trend dies down?


2. Focusing too much on a specific target audience.


Doing a too-focused consumer research and releasing advertisements that only cater to one specific target audience will build your name and give you traction. However, limiting yourself to one audience also limits the regularity of your sales, what happens when your target audience stops patronizing your product?


3. Lack or marketing strategies that establish Brand Loyalty.


A business cannot survive without brand loyalty. Brand loyalty gives you customers that will repeatedly purchase your product/service regardless of trends. But bear in mind that consumers’ loyalty is fickle, so how do you retain brand loyalty?


We have the answer to these questions!


These three mistakes often lead to a business having a limited span of success – with no plans for development and permanence.  Here at RBM Consultancy, we don’t want your idea to become just a passing trend, instead, let’s develop it to become a business venture that eventually goes on to cementing itself into a household brand/name!


RBM Consultancy is here to look into your product or service’s marketability, your target consumer’s consumption trends, online and physical presence and brand optimization to be able to effectively develop your marketing strategy to increase revenue and most importantly, sustain your business. In other words, we’re here to make sure you not only survive your first year but be successful and expand.

By keeping your business’ marketing strategies up to date and preparing for future trends, we can improve customer engagements and your digital presence to reach new audiences and achieve customer loyalty. Our strategies will help you introduce your product/service, establish your brand, connect with your target market, and remain relevant – ensuring continuous sales that would only go up. What’s great about hiring us is that we understand that there is no marketing strategy that fits all businesses. This is why our team will be able to talk with you and construct strategies tailor-made for your ideas and your vision.

In this digital age and time of social media trends and consumer loyalty fickleness, our list of Marketing Services can help a budding business such as yours become a success:


Marketing Support Services
Feasibility Study/Marketing Plan
Graphic Designer
Logo, Menu/Packaging Label, and Business Card design
Photo and Video Production
Motion Graphics and Animation
Social Media Management and Advertising
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design and Development
Mobile App Development Market

These services can be tailored to your business to capture your target audience’s attention, keep it and secure profit. We have designed to fit these services into packages you can easily avail:


Business Expansion Package (Grow)

For individuals who have existing businesses but need help with their sales and marketing strategy, lead generation, creating brand awareness, and improving the performance of their business altogether! This comes in 3 packages tailor fitted to your business’ needs!


Business Digitalization Package (Digitize)

For business and individuals who want to step-up their business by establishing a digital presence! Traditional brick-and-mortar business models are no longer sustainable in this generation. In this unique package, we will provide website development, application development, SEO/SMM optimization, and data analytics to track business performance, and come up with different marketing strategies to improve and develop your business!

We don’t want the COVID-19 pandemic and current community protocols to deter you from your dream of establishing a successful business so rest assured that RMB Consultancy’s services can be delivered through flexible means whether it be through face to face or computer mediated communication. With a small business, there is no way to go but up; let us work towards bringing you up with our modern marketing services specifically designed for your brand’s permanence and success. It is never a bad time to bring your idea to life!

You can look into our Marketing services by going here Marketing Support – RBM Consultancy to see how we help provide assistance with each of our services or you can book a consultation call directly with us here Home – RBM Consultancy. Let’s secure the future of your business right now – outsource RMB Consultancy.

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