Sources Of Capital For Small Business Owners In The Philippines

By Alyanna Therese Tagamolila

Have a million-peso business idea but don’t have a million pesos to start it? Let’s admit it – almost often than not, aspiring entrepreneurs are not easily daunted by roadblocks, they’re in fact one of the most resilient people out there. However, there is one road block that only a few entrepreneurs are able to overcome; and it is also what makes or breaks their road to success: capital.

In order for a business to successfully launch, entrepreneurs need a decent source of capital to fund everything from raw materials, business planning all the way up to the launch – and, more often than not, it will be quite some time before you see the return of invest wherein you can now take back the capital you put in to start the business. We here at RBMC consultancy understand that not everyone has the personal capacity to fund the capital of their dream venture which is why we looked into a few possible options for you to be able to get the funding you need!


1. Network Investors

Network investors refer to potential investors you’ve met while building your network. These people could have personal relations with you such as friends or family or acquaintances you’ve met over social and business gatherings. To be able to find network investors, simply prepare a sound business pitch to them as you go over all the proceedings of the planning stage and negotiate a deal to ensure their return of investment. Most often than not, someone in your network would be able to see your idea as the genius as it is and be prepared to invest – all you need to do is to make sure you pitch in a driven and professional manner!

2. Bank or Personal Loans

This option is anchored on the success of your potential business. Loans generally mean asking for funding from a bank or establishment with them expecting payment at an agreed upon future time with a significant interest. You have to be careful if you take out these kinds of loans as banks are strict with their payment policies. If this is how you plan to gain capital, make sure to have business analysts look into your business plan first to determine the potential success and viability of your business in order to secure your capacity to pay. Just contact us at RBMC if you need qualified business analysts to look into your business idea’s viability and we’ll be glad to help!


3. Government programs and funding

Realistically speaking, a dream can only be fueled with proper preparation – this means investment, funding, business planning and all the necessary logistical decisions needed to be done before a business launch. Thankfully, the Philippine Government and the different LGUs have recognized the potential of empowering entrepreneurs within their community. To give you the basics in terms of education, financial aid and proper planning, you can easily look for your LGU’s social media and official pages and contact them about their current Entrepreneurial empowerment project; they’ll be able to start your journey towards building your dream. As an aspiring entrepreneur, your community is starting to realize that your dream is to help others with your service and/or product, which is why they are here and ready to help you – as 2022 approaches, the best way to start your business is to connect with your community.

For those residing in Cabuyao City, Laguna; let us point you out in the right direction. You can go ahead and message this Facebook Page (2) Negosyo Center Cabuyao City | Facebook to learn about the necessities of starting a business and get possible financial aid to be able to start off! You can also approach the following government programs to get the funding you need:


a. Initiative by the Philippine Board of Investments
Coverage: Start up funding, Commercial space rent coverage, tax and legal expenditures extension

The BOI has started several different programs to support business who are planning to start a venture, expanding, those affected by COVID and even a program to assist farmers. This initiative by the BOI acknowledges the different financial hindrances of SMEs and entrepreneurs and empowers Filipino individuals to being able to start their dreams even in the midst of the pandemic. You can visit their website for more information here: Financial Assistance | Board of Investments (


b. Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pagaasenso by the Department of Trade and Industry

Coverage: Start up funding and Entrepreneurship classes and management assistance

The Department of Trade and Industry are encouraging Filipinos to orient themselves on handling a business and considering different paths towards generating income for themselves and their family. With this, individuals can approach information about their program here Fund Your Business | Department of Trade and Industry Philippines ( as their primary goal is to help SMEs and those who have not yet started a business – if you are categorized as one or the other, this is your chance to start your business and learn about the operation do’s and don’t’s at no cost to you or your pockets!


c. Different National Programs provided by the Philippine Government Sector

Coverage: Depends on each Program

To provide further assistance, the different sectors of the Philippine government also launched different business funding and assistance for OFWs, the youth and even those who are occupationally displaced. You can find the list of the different programs here: LIST: Government MSME Loan Programs in the Philippines ( along with the requirements to apply, how to apply and where to apply. There are tons of opportunities out there to begin your business – it is now up to you to go and grab it.

Starting a business does hurt a pocket long before it fills it with profit, network and a whole lot more – but this doesn’t mean that it’s your pocket that has to hurt. Have a talk with us here at RBMC by booking a call and we’ll walk you through how you can start your business through gaining capital in different ways. Let’s get your business started and make sure you gain enough success not only to continue your business but to let it thrive and expand. Talk with us and let’s start your business journey this 2022.


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