Increase your Business’ Professional Credibility with our three-plan business writing services!

By Alyanna Therese Tagamolila


Business writing is a fundamental step in creating content in an informative, structured way, the gateway to your business.


The Role that Business Writing has in your business’ success

While planning, legal processing and implementation is essential for the success of any type of business, one skill that is needed to be able to do all these is to be knowledgeable — it helps you to create the foundation for your business and attract potential investors that will help your business grow!

Business writing is a technical style of writing that is not common in casual settings. It is a steady balance of concise information, engaging phrasing, and effective packaging of messages. To truly drive an impact with your business’ proposals and reports you would have to learn this style of writing….or not. Here at RBM, we’ve got the technicality needed to make impactful writing to surely establish your business’ professionalism and credibility.


Our Three-plan Business Writing Services

Whether it be making annual reports for your team or pitching plans to investors, clients and external partners building relations with your business, proper business writing will give you an edge and make them take notice of your business and what you have to say. We want to help with that, here at RBM Consultancy, we’ll write you up the following and orient you on how to go about it – you wouldn’t even have to do any of the nitty gritty.


Business Plan

We’ll be able to build your business’ credibility by drafting your business plan to effectively relay the vision you have for your business. We’ll help you wow your partners and investors with you came up with this idea and convince them of your sound plans to successfully launch and sustain it. By tasking us with your business plan, we’ll be able to package the idea of your business as one-of-a-kind, professional and a worthy venture!


Marketing Plan

An effective Marketing Plan utilizes all the current relevant marketing strategies of a business along with coming up with a new innovative strategy that gets investor to fund your marketing campaign. If you’re business’ marketing plan is written just right, you, your partners and investors will be able to see a definitive timeline for your business’ success – so let’s get it started now!


Financial Plan

The Financial plan requires the most elevated level of business writing as it compresses data, estimations and financial projections that tells you how the state of your business is currently and what needs to be done to increase profit and sustain operations. Here, you would need to translate data into an informatively packaged report to make it clear to you, your team and everyone involved on what should happen. A sound and well-written financial plan ensures transparency between you and your associates – maintaining a healthy relationship to continue your business.


Wide Range of Services

To truly cater to every individual, we have designed our business writing services to be both for businesses and academic purposes! We can package your ideas, proposals and data analytics into plans that can entice investors to invest on you as they see that your business means business. We’re also here for business, entrepreneurship, and other students in need of an eye-catching pitch that will not only comply with your course requirements but may just be something you can develop into a reality! We understand that business writing is the first step to making sure to make people understand the entirety of your vision and processes which is why we are committed to writing plans and proposals with integrity, loyalty to your vision and innovation in mind.

Let’s start writing up your Business Plans the RBM way to let our writing convey your business’ success. Our ready team of professional business consultants and proficient technical writers are more than equipped with the know-hows needed to create BOTH a realistic and impressive Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Plan to make you the business to watch out for.

You can look into our Accounting and Tax services by going here Business Writing – RBM Consultancy to see how we help provide assistance with each of our services or you can book a consultation call directly with us here Home – RBM Consultancy. Let’s secure the future of your business right now – outsource RMB Consultancy.

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