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By Alyanna Therese Tagamolila


RBM Consultancy rolls out their Recruitment and HR Management services to ensure your business’ employees are top-notch and compliant.

Managing a business is one thing, but managing people is another. As a business develops and expands, it cannot be denied that more and more employees need to be employed to cope with your business demands – this presents a challenge to business owners. Employing individuals means a boatload of logistics and legal work as well as filtering, background checking, interviewing, and assessing each applicant. Recognizing this, RBM Consultancy has extended its business services to include HR and Payroll services, making managing the business your job and managing the people ours!

How will it work?

RBM Consultancy has pinpointed that one of the hardest thing about expansion is having to worry about the increase in operations and management responsibilities WHILE also having to scour through dozens and even hundreds of applications to ensure that you end up with dependable employees. This is why RBM Consultancy has teamed up with web developers and HR consultants to provide you with a scope of HR services and match you with the right kind of people. You can take a look at our HR and Payroll services here:


HR and Payroll Management


RBM Consultancy has devised a system for smooth processes for human resources for both the employers and the employees. We will sit down with you to learn more about what kind of employees you need, what you offer and other relevant information and take it all from there! From there we will be posting the job advertisements through social media platforms, job hunting platforms among others and will filter, interview and accept applicants according to your needs. After this, we will make sure that all government documents and needed labor legalities are in order for each hired employee to keep your business’ legal operations intact. Lastly, daily managerial duties such as attendance, performance and task management and fulfillment of employee’s job description will be overseen by our team to be communicated to you directly on an agreed upon schedule! Letting us manage this process allows you to continually have freedom of an owner – you wouldn’t have to be the manager of your own business.


HR Monitoring Tool (Web and Mobile App)

Now with a team of employed dependent and hardworking individuals, RBM Consultancy is here to take your HR management one more step forward in assuring employer and employee satisfaction! Our developers can provide internal communications and processes to be a lot more efficient and hassle-free as we provide your business your own mobile application and website for HR services! The features of the app and website allows employer to manage applicants, onboarding processes and current employee performance and requests while also making it more efficient for the employees to facilitate leave requests, their payroll and maintain communications with both their co-employees and their employers! This service brings forward convenience, efficiency and the lessening of human error and will surely bode well with your employees and as we all know – happy workers make for a successful business so secure your business with this service!


Functions and Features

Employer Dashboard

  • Applicant Interview Tracker
  • New Employee Onboarding Management
  • Employee Attendance
  • Project/Task Monitoring
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Bulletin/Announcements

Employee Dashbord

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Attendance
  • Project/Task Dashboard
  • Payslip

RMB Consultancy’s HR and Payroll Management services can de designed and tailored to fit your business’ current organization flow or we can help you develop a whole new organization chart and flow for you and your employees’ satisfaction.

HustleR App will officially launch on the 2nd week of October.

Be a part of our pioneer clients and enjoy our discounted offer!

Price starts at just P18,000 per month.


You can look into RMB Consultancy and our HR and Payroll Management here to learn more about how we can help you Services – RBM Consultancy or you can book a consultation call directly with us here Home – RBM Consultancy. Let’s secure the future of your business right now – outsource RMB Consultancy.

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