Business Writing

By Alyanna Therese Tagamolila


Business writing is writing that is presented to your company’s niche, your employees, partners and investors. Because of this, it can be considered as a fundamental step in creating content in an informative, structured way, the gateway to your business. While planning is essential for the success of any type of business, being able to relay it effectively is half of the process: this is where Business Writing comes in. It helps you create the foundation for your business and attract potential investors that will help your business grow!

We’re here to make your plans and ensure that the right kind of technicality and strategic business writing is applied to truly elevate your business:


Business Plan

A business plan contains your business’ vision, target market and other relevant information needed to introduce your idea as feasible. It needs to contain a marketable thought and concrete action steps packaged to engage your team. This plan is relayed to a business owner’s team at the start of the formulation and establishing of ideas up to the implementation phase.


Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a data-driven timeline of proposed marketing strategies and R&D (research and development) tactics meant to advertise your product/service, increase customer engagement, establish, and maintain customer loyalty and increase profit. It needs to be concise, realistic and SMART which is Specific, Memorable, Attainable and Timebound. This plan is relayed both to internals and externals – potential partners/investors.


Financial Plan

A financial plan outlines the financial status and history of your business along with drafting projections on sales, revenue, and market value within a specific timeline. This plan is a summary of data-driven information that needs to be 100% accurate and laymanized for ease of information dissemination.

Have your investor-ready and pandemic-proof plans ready in just 7 days with us as we ensure world-quality business writing and services!

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