Month: October 2021

Why Do Filipinos Hesitate To Start A Business?

To the common Filipino, starting a business can be equated to gambling, it is seen as a high-rish high-reward opportunity that rests on chance instead of sound planning, investing and security. With more and more people deciding to start a business in the midst of the pandemic, it is time to bench the notion that starting a business is a gamble. Make no mistake, IT IS a gamble, but it is not based on chance – it is based on data, hard work and innovative ideas.

What’s Next: How to Grow Your Small Business

Studies show that small business takes a minimum of 1-2 years of operations to stabilize and start seeing a return of investment. Once that happens, you can begin to look into the next option for your small business, here’s a few things a small business owner can do to grow its presence and make sure it won’t be just a passing trend for your community!

Post-Pandemic Outlook for Businesses in The Philippines

Post-COVID-19 will be the time of economic resurgence. It puts back government funding that has been reappropriated for COVID-19 efforts temporarily back to its designated allocation, gives ordinary citizens economic freedom once more to spend without the fear of disease and the costs to treat it, and resumes the operations of several companies that has had to close down or reduce staffing this pandemic; giving back jobs to the jobless and lifting the Philippine economy as a whole. Now, as a business owner: it is our duty to take an active part in this economic resurgence.