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Romero Business Management Consultancy is a Filipino-owned startup that positions itself as a one-stop-shop for startup businesses and small medium enterprises by providing the first ever online platform for business solutions. Whatever your business needs to succeed? We’ve got it.

We connect you to business consultants and professionals who are equipped with years of experience in the industry that are ready and able to empower and educate entrepreneurs in their goal to either start, grow, or digitize their business.
Our Commitment
To provide modern business solutions accessible to all types of businesses either big or small and connect them with business consultants that will guide them through their entrepreneurial journey from planning to implementation.
“I founded this company when I was just 22. I believe that starting up a business doesn’t have to be hard or expensive- as most Filipinos believe. Provided with the right guidance and mentorship mixed with the Filipinos ingenuity and resilience, then we will be well on our way to being the model country for entrepreneurship.”
Maria Cristina  Romero

Founder and Startup Business Consultant

What Can Romero Business Management Consultancy Do For You?

We Provide Every Business Solutions That You will Ever Need To Start, Grow, Or Digitize Your Business

Access to Business Consultants and Free Coaching and Mentorship For Startups

A Business Partner That Facilitates Communications and Documentation Procedures in The Platform

Provide Informative Articles, Feature Businesses, Industry Updates, Economic Outlooks, and Business Tips

Match The Appropriate Solutions To Your Business Problems

Market Professional and Innovative Services That Helps Business Big or Small

Our offered Services

Accounting and Tax Services
Consultancy Network
Marketing Support
Business Automation Services
Business Registration Services
Business Writing
CoWorking And CoLearning Space
BizDesigns - Design and Build your Business!
EntrePinoy Business Concepts
BETA LAUNCH: HustleR – HR Recruitment and Management Solution

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Featured Articles

Why Do Filipinos Prefer Get-Rich-Quick Pyramid Schemes Rather Than Starting A Business?

Pyramid schemes along with other money schemes such as Ponzi schemes are classified as “get rich quick” schemes that use different products to classify as a commodity-providing business when the truth of the matter is that members of pyramid scheme organizations get profit by recruiting new members. New membership fees make up for almost all of their profit and their products for sale are just a front.

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Sources Of Capital For Small Business Owners In The Philippines

Have a million-peso business idea but don’t have a million pesos to start it? Let’s admit it – almost often than not, aspiring entrepreneurs are not easily daunted by roadblocks, they’re in fact one of the most resilient people out there. However, there is one road block that only a few entrepreneurs are able to overcome; and it is also what makes or breaks their road to success: capital.

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Filipino Entrepreneurs Are Getting Younger And Younger

Why is it that entrepreneurs here in the Philippines are getting younger and younger? We are starting to see even self-sustaining minors and numerous online sellers in the past few years and it’s giving the youth the financial freedom and knowledge that we never thought we could achieve!

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Bedan Professional Summit: Reimagining the Future of Leadership

Young entrepreneurs are ushering in a new age of entrepreneurs. They are getting younger and younger every day!

They are go-getters, risk-takers, passion-driven, confident and determined, and more eager to learn. Largely due to exposure to new environments and therefore having a different mindset and ease of access to information and opportunities that digital technology has enabled. Ultimately becoming very effective leaders and educators as they have more willingness to pass on new information to others.

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